Wednesday, 8 July 2015

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The People of Greece have said NO, to the drug ... that is the IMF, ECB and the Austerity that Merkel and her Criminals Friends are still trying to Pedal ...


If you are not FULLY AWARE and/or Cognisant of the blatant lies and vitriol that the Populist Media/Press on this Island have been and continue to pedal, in the run up to the Greek People voting NO to the continued raping and pillaging of their People and resources by the ECB and the IMF through Austerity, then go back to watching your hurling, football, x-factor and/or big-brother ... this does not affect you.


YES the Greeks have said NO (OXI):

In the run in to the voting ... ALL of the Populist media, did and have blatantly portrayed the word OXI as meaning YES. Purposely giving the impression, that the People of Greece wanted Austerity and were against the Greek Government of the day.


YES, the People of Greece were and are fully aware that the ECB, the IMF and Merkel would threaten them, and more than likely carry out some if not all of those threats.


YES, the People of Greece were aware that the Banks under the direction of the ECB/IMF would purposely impose sanctions, close banks, restrict the flow of money, and make the People suffer.


YES, the People of Greece knew that the Populist Media around the world, would (and did) paint them as fools, as mad idiots, as money grabbers, and a whole host of vitriol would be hurdled at them.


Despite all of the slings and arrows fired at them, the People of Greece stood their righteous ground, and overwhelmingly told the ECB, the IMF and Merkel ... OXI, OXI, OXI.  As would any People that were given the opportunity, and/or asked the question.


Does anyone reading this think that if in 2008, the State/Government of the day on this Island had asked the People if they should bail out "PRIVATE BANKS" and bring in austerity, and tax the People for years and generations to come, anyone of those People in their right mind would have say "Yes of Course, No Problem, Go Right Ahead?"


What they the State/Government did was illegal and unlawful, and this has been confirmed and affirmed by the People of Greece ...


The People of Greece know there is some pain ahead of them in the coming months, lets call it withdrawal symptoms. But like all People around the world, they are sick and tired of the drug that Merkel and her Criminal friends at the ECB/IMF have been and still are pedaling ... They have come to the stark realistion, like all addicts, that "the drugs don't work, they just make you worse" ... And certainly have taken the first step to come off it.


They Just Said NO.


Long may the "contagion" of People saying NO continue.  

Now that this terrific example has been set by the People of Greece, perhaps the People of this Island can and will learn to say NO to the ECB, the IMF and their Drugs, that the State/Government are still pedaling?


OXI ... OXI ... OXI

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