Sunday, 5 July 2015

The Gold Bulletin 5th July 2015

The Gold Bulletin 5th July 2015

The Gold Bulletin 5th July 2015

+++ Gold hit 3 months low +++ Awaiting Greece referendum decision

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Gold & Silver Market Update

Gold had another disappointing week hitting a three month low on Thursday. A weaker than expected June US payrolls number was able to send Gold a few dollars higher and push the yellow...
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Stud Farm on 46 acres near Wismar/Germany for Sale

After CEO Stefans great uncle retired from the European Aerospace Industry at the age of 65 he built the "Stud Farm Heidekaten" to create a magnificent environment...

Store Gold and Silver allocated - access your goods in storage. CelticGold introduces My Vault

We are the only bullion company in Europe that offers allocated & segregated gold and silver storage with full mobile online 24/7 accessability at lowest fees. 0.54% annual storage fee...
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"In Gold We Trust" 

Could China Move to a Gold Standard?

Global Financial Markets Could be at a Turning Point

Signs of Financial Turmoil Are Brewing

The Age of Soaring Debt

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