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StopTheLie.com News update 06-13-2016

Lies, Damned Lies, and Medical Science
Source: TheAtlantic.com
--To get funding and tenured positions, and often merely to stay afloat, researchers have to get their work published in well-regarded journals, where rejection rates can climb above 90 percent. Not surprisingly, the studies that tend to make the grade are those with eye-catching findings.

--Researchers can sometimes win attention by refuting a prominent finding, which can help to at least raise doubts about results, but in general it is far more rewarding to add a new insight or exciting-sounding twist to existing research than to retest its basic premises—after all, simply re-proving someone else's results is unlikely to get you published, and attempting to undermine the work of respected colleagues can have ugly professional repercussions.

--[ Ioannidis] zoomed in on 49 of the most highly regarded research findings in medicine over the previous 13 years, as judged by the science community's two standard measures: the papers had appeared in the journals most widely cited in research articles, and the 49 articles themselves were the most widely cited articles in these journals. These were articles that helped lead to the widespread popularity of treatments such as the use of hormone-replacement therapy for menopausal women, vitamin E to reduce the risk of heart disease, coronary stents to ward off heart attacks, and daily low-dose aspirin to control blood pressure and prevent heart attacks and strokes. Ioannidis was putting his contentions to the test not against run-of-the-mill research, or even merely well-accepted research, but against the absolute tip of the research pyramid. Of the 49 articles, 45 claimed to have uncovered effective interventions. Thirty-four of these claims had been retested, and 14 of these, or
41 percent, had been convincingly shown to be wrong or significantly exaggerated. If between a third and a half of the most acclaimed research in medicine was proving untrustworthy, the scope and impact of the problem were undeniable.

--Though scientists and science journalists are constantly talking up the value of the peer-review process, researchers admit among themselves that biased, erroneous, and even blatantly fraudulent studies easily slip through it. Nature, the grande dame of science journals, stated in a 2006 editorial, "Scientists understand that peer review per se provides only a minimal assurance of quality, and that the public conception of peer review as a stamp of authentication is far from the truth." 
Read full article at: http://www.theatlantic.com/magazine/archive/2010/11/lies-damned-lies-and-medical-science/308269/

COMMENT: Like Pavlov's dogs, the masses have been conditioned to believe in the infallibility of the scientific community. Widely reported "findings" are taken as the gospel, challenges are taken as heresy. Like any other dogma, the purpose is to manipulate beliefs and frustrate scientific inquiry. "Science" is, ironically, becoming the newest faith-based system of control. 


You can finally undo the 2012 NDAA "Indefinite Detention" clause
Source: DownsizeDC.org
Back in November, 2011, we told the world -- we told YOU -- that the 2012 National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) contained a provision (section 1021) that allows the federal state to detain Americans indefinitely, without due process. Congressional leaders repeatedly denied our claim. But guess what...

We were right. They were wrong.  

Key Congressional leaders, such as Dianne Feinstein, now admit this. Admitting you were wrong is commendable. Some of them, such as Mike Lee, Rand Paul and even Feinstein, are trying to do something about it. Specifically, Senator Mike Lee has crafted an amendment for the current NDAA to deal with this problem...
Read full article at: http://us7.campaign-archive2.com/?u=6a89b73599e68a4cdf6730e21&id=093c6e4854&e=ebe445bc8d

COMMENT: Downsize DC makes it easy for you to contact your "representatives." Here is the message I sent today: 

The Founders never said "Give us safety at any cost."

Indefinite detention violates the core principles on which this country was founded. To think that "government" can simply revoke a person's rights FOREVER by labeling them a "terrorist" (without presenting evidence, without giving the accused an opportunity to defend themselves), is absurd.

Prior to receiving "due process," a citizen is merely an ACCUSED criminal. (Thief, rapist, murderer or terrorist…the crime that an individual is accused of does not alter the process by which guilt is determined.) Any attempt to circumvent due process is dangerous and illegitimate. Please honor your sworn oath to "support and defend" the Constitution of this country. Repeal the detainee provisions of the National Defense Authorization Act of 2012 (Sections 1021 & 1022).


Bilderberg: still powerful but perhaps a bit more anxious this year
Source: TheGuardian.com
It's great for everyone that these high-level talks between policymakers and the heads of transnational oil companies get to take place in heavily guarded privacy, with no press oversight whatsoever. Especially great if you're on the board of BP. Like, for example, Sir John Sawers. As well as being a director of BP, the silken, Blairish former MI6 boss is a member of Bilderberg's steering committee, and the chairman of Macro Advisory Partners, a global advisory group with heavy links to the transatlantic intelligence community, very much in the style of Kissinger Associates.

And speak of the devil! The ageless 93-year-old former US secretary of state will be holding court at Dresden, croaking out his wisdom from the throne of bones he has shipped everywhere he goes. You just can't keep a bad man down. Henry Kissinger still meets with George Osborne to advise the chancellor on geopolitics, and recently had a much publicised meeting with Donald Trump. I would say I'd like to have been a fly on the wall of that room, but I fear Kissinger's tongue would have had me off the wall in seconds.
Read full article at: https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/jun/07/bilderberg-conference-dresden-charlie-skelton-bilderblog

COMMENT: Like the CFR, like the Trilateral Commission, like the RIIA, the "Bilderberg Group" is yet another creation of the elite "Network" that Quigley exposed in Tragedy and Hope and the Anglo-American Establishment. 

After more than half a century, these annual policy-setting meetings are still largely ignored by the mainstream media. The good news?  The blackout reveals what a completely controlled farce the mainstream media is. (They continue to serve up a never-ending supply of  "national-news" distractions to keep the masses blissfully unaware..) 


Flashback: Bayer Knowingly Gave HIV to Thousands of Kids (with Video)
Source: WeAreChange.org
What if a company that you thought you could trust, knowingly sold you a medicine for your child that they knew had the potential to give your child HIV? How would you react? What if a government agency that claims the responsibility for protecting you from such treachery, not only looked the other way, but was complicit in this exchange?

Everyone has heard of Bayer aspirin, it is a household name. Bayer AG also manufactures numerous other products, from pesticides to medicine for hemophiliacs called Factor 8.

In 1984 Bayer became aware that several batches of this Factor 8 contained HIV. They knew this because there was an outbreak of HIV among hemophiliac children, and this outbreak was traced back to Bayer. Unable to sell their Factor 8 in the US, Bayer, with the FDA's permission, (yes that's right, the FDA allowed Bayer to potentially kill thousands) sold this HIV infected medicine to Argentina, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, and Singapore after February 1984, according to the documents obtained by the NY Times.
Read full article at: http://wearechange.org/bayer-us-government-gave-hiv-children/

COMMENT: Joe Scarborough did a show on this many years ago; the video of that show is included with the article above. 


Ali Won His Greatest Fight (Video)
Source: Ron Paul Liberty Report
Muhammad Ali's refusal to be drafted for the Vietnam War was said by some to be his greatest, self-imposed, defeat. With the passage of time -- and so many more wars -- history may tell a very different story. What was the impact of Ali's stance on the war?
Watch video at: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0JthaD9twyE


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Previous Week's News 06-06-2016

Spanish translation of Tragedy and Hope 101 (Video - 3 minutes)
Source: JoePlummer.com
Watch video at: https://www.gofundme.com/27xafpqv

COMMENT: I recently signed a German-language publishing deal for "Tragedy and Hope 101." I'm really happy about that, but there is a downside, and that is: I won't be able to post the German-language version for free online. So, from here forward, I'm going to try to crowdfund new translations, beginning with a Spanish version. A free Spanish version will make the information available to about 400 million more people.

If you're interested in being a part of this project check out the 3-minute video at the link above. If you're not interested, but know somebody who would be, please share the link. Anyone can choose to donate anonymously (only I will see your name) and any amount is appreciated. Thanks!


Top CDC Whistle Blower: We Were Ordered to Cover Up Vaccine-Autism Link (Video - 34 Minutes)
Source: InfoWars.com
Approximately 7:50 in: 

Let me, first of all, break it down. This film is about MMR and autism, that does not mean that other vaccines are safe or other vaccine components are not linked to autism. This is based upon the information provided to us by the whistleblower, so it is based exclusively on facts. He gave us the analysis plans, he gave us the data outputs, he gave us the meeting notes, he gave us the internal correspondence, showing that the knowledge of this went right to the very top of the CDC. It went to Julie Gerberding herself who then, of course, went on to become head of vaccines at Merck...so, they knew about it, they all knew about it, this was a huge crime. 

So let me now break down the levels of the crime they committed...what did they do in terms of fraud? First of all, they changed the analysis plan...In science, you set out a protocol: "This is what we'll do, this is how we'll analyize the data, and we will stick to it." You do not change that plan when you find an effect that you do not like, and that is what they did. Then they decided to omit data, and they ommitted data specifically on the very high risk in African American children, African American boys in particular, and in children...(all races)...who were developmentally normal to age 12 months...They then decided that they had to destroy the documents in order to get rid of that effect...The value of Thompson as a whistleblower is, as he says in the movie itself, "I will not give you anything that cannot be supported by the facts."   
Watch video at: https://youtu.be/f-u0UnOF5xU?t=7m54s

COMMENT: I haven't seen Vaxxed, but my position on this issue hasn't changed: 

Many people see the CDC as a final arbiter of truth; a "gold standard" of scientific integrity. The idea that a tiny group of individuals within the CDC could (and would) manipulate "the truth" seems ridiculous to the average citizen, and that's why this story is so important. It goes beyond the issue of vaccines. It highlights how easily "the gospel," intended for mass consumption and reiteration, can be fabricated. It highlights the danger of believing that others can be trusted to do your reasoning for you.


William Binney: NSA Surveillance Takes a Page From Nazi Germany (Audio)
Source: Sputniknews.com
"They [the NSA] don't care what they do, they feel that they have the right to do anything that they feel necessary, and they will cover up crimes and procedures and violations of regulations that they've done to achieve whatever their ends are," Binney tells Loud & Clear host Brian Becker.

A former high-ranking official within the NSA, Binney and two other officials led an effort to have the agency investigated for wasting millions of dollars on a data-analysis program known as Trailblazer in 2002.

Rather than treat Binney's complaint as legitimate, the Defense Department Inspector General's office violated protocol by conspiring with the FBI to punish Binney and his cohorts.

"They attempted to prosecute all of us," he says. "They fabricated evidence…They attempted three times to indict us."
Listen to audio at: http://sputniknews.com/us/20160531/1040567328/loud-clear-binney-nsa.html

COMMENT: Excellent interview. If you're short on time, at least listen to the first 10 minutes...provides great insight into the extent of lawlessness "at the top," and how the lawbreakers deal with whistleblowers. 

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