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Hi Folks ... Just a couple of interesting updates below:


1. We still have some places available at the next set of Critical Thinking Tutorials.  We have the options of covering a very interesting "Minor Criminal Case" and/or a "Civil Case".  Which would you/ye prefer to start with?   Obviously if we have the time, we will cover both.


More info. and booking details >HERE<.


2. Lionel and Des are at it again with The CLS Talks.  The latest installment(s) are the "Feedback Specials".  Which cover a whole range of topics, subjects and issues relating to the LAW.


Listen to them >HERE<





Reading Critically ....


A/your Court case does NOT commence the day you walk headlong first into a Court of law. It starts the FIRST time a bank/financial institution/debt collector write to you, to inform you that you are behind in payments, or are in arrears etc.


This is their starting block for taking legal action. As far as they may later infer, they had engaged you, and legally informed you of the situation, and had allowed you the opportunity to rectify and/or correct the situation.


Most People of course do not know and/or realise this. Some People bury their heads in the sand, and some do engage with the bank, financial institution or debt collector etc. on the wrong or a wholly misappropriate and misinformed basis.


If you have mistakenly engaged the bank, financial institution or a debt collector etc. on a misappropriate or misinformed basis all still is not lost. After all there is nothing broken that cannot be fixed.



Write Critically ...

Over the past few years we have come to the stark realisation that in the main, dealing with banks, financial institution and/or debt collectors (incumbents), is not something that anyone and everyone has the stomach or the knowledge to do. Not too many People have the ability to Critically Read the stuff/paper work/letters that the said incumbents will send to you, and even less People have the ability to Critically structure a Written and appropriate response to the incumbents, no less Critically Think.


Think Critically


To be clear, we are not trying to deride Peoples intelligence, acumen or brainpower. Critical reading, writing and/or thinking is not generally something that many if any of us were taught at school, especially when it comes to "State Schools". This is not surprising, as "the State" do not want a People that have the ability or facility to engage incumbents such as "the State" and/or financial institution on a Critical thinking level. So it is best that this type and form of ability/knowledge is kept at arm's length from the proletariat (masses) as they say.


The ability to Critically Read, Write and/or Think is a powerful tool or weapon that can be wielded by any Man or Woman with only a moderate level of education. The only ability you need to learn how to Read, Write and Think Critically is the ability to READ.


If you can READ; you can learn to Read Critically, Write Critically and Think Critically.


To ALL the People we have worked with in the past and are currently working with, and might work with in the future, this is an essential skill that needs to be planted, cultivated, nurtured and developed. Learning to Read, Write and Think Critically will give you a very deep rooted foundation in how to address and engage virtually any level or grade of paperwork/letters/stuff that the incumbents send to you.




Throughout 2016, we will be asking ALL and/or ANY of the People that engage with us, "if they have the skill/ability to Read, Write and/or Think Critically"?  … Should they not possess such a skill or ability, we will be directing them to do a "Reading, Writing, Thinking Critically" set of tutorials. This will be a pre-requisite to working or continuing work with us.


Us writing letters for you, does you NO favours in the long run. After all, you will not know what we were thinking at the time of writing. It is you the author of the letters/material that should know what is Critically going on. After all it is you and only you that will reap the rewards and/or incur the liabilities of said process.


The next set of Critical Thinking Tutorials Commence Tuesday 7th. June 2016


More Information & Booking Details Here:



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