Tuesday, 23 June 2015

The Gold Bulletin 21st June 2015

The Gold Bulletin 21st June 2015

The Gold Bulletin 23rd June 2015

+++ Gold up 2% last week +++ Greece debt situation worsens

Dear ----,

Thank you all who attended the Dublin Gold Talk and apologies we couldn't fit a London talk into the schedule. We'll do more talks after the summer break in August or early September.

Please find the market updates below. 

All the very best,
CEO CelticGold

Gold & Silver Market Update

Gold had a strong rally on Thursday and was able to post its second straight positive weekly close. The yellow metal surged above the $1,200 mark and is up almost 2% since...
Read Gold & Silver Market Update
Stud Farm on 46 acres near Wismar/Germany for Sale

After CEO Stefans great uncle retired from the European Aerospace Industry at the age of 65 he built the "Stud Farm Heidekaten" to create a magnificent environment...

Store Gold and Silver allocated - access your goods in storage. CelticGold introduces My Vault

We are the only bullion company in Europe that offers allocated & segregated gold and silver storage with full mobile online 24/7 accessability at lowest fees. 0.54% annual storage fee...
Learn more about Gold & Silver Storage Solutions
Currency Wars Go Global

Texas and The Physical Gold Trend

IMF urge FED to hold off Rate hike - Fragile Recovery

Currencies and the BRICS

$25,000 Gold? or How About $64,000 Gold?

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