Wednesday 1 June 2016

total mind control


Final Tutorials and Feedback Specials

Final Tutorials:

Feedback Specials:

"Get Total Mind Control,  ... or someone else will"

Most Peoples Lives ...

Throughout most Peoples lives they will be and are subjected to, affected and controlled by, shall we say "others", that perhaps do not have their best interests at heart. 


We have all been subject to differing forms of "Mind Control" throughout our lives, be it through the initial pre-suppositions, expectations, (best) wishes, directions, determinations of our family, friends and wider community, and then following on into the doctrines, rules, regulations, acts, codes, statutes and laws of both state and church. 


This follows us all, through from pre-school, to primary, to secondary and third level state education system, then goes on into the work place, and/or even if you work for yourself, there are certain licenses, authority, permissions, training etc., that you will have to seek, get or attain in order to do certain types or forms of work (all of which you will have to pay for to attain, and pay for again and again to refresh and/or renew).


Further to this, we are all subjected to a constant bombardment of state bought and fed media propaganda and advertising.  What "the LAW" is, what you need to buy, how you should think, dress, feel. What is good for you, what, who, where you should avoid.  How you should travel, what you need to travel and ultimately how you should think, react, and what you can and cannot do. 


Where do the state/church get the funds/revenue to be able to constantly feed the media their propaganda and advertising?  


That is simple to answe. They get it from taxes (indirect and direct); they get it from People who pay taxes, in all its forms and guises, and that includes all the People of The Common Law Society … Everyone pays taxes, one way or another.


Break the cycle or chains of "Total Mind Control", whereby you slowly evolve to a position, where you begin to see, and perhaps become a little cynical at first, about populist media, the state, the church, the rules, the regulations and the control, takes each one of us a different period of time. 


Some People never manage to see the wood from the trees, and whats-more, some People rail against ever wanting to know or see.


Although we would love to see the day, when a large percentage of People will be awake, and they can properly fulfill their potential, to take their places at the table of life, we are not so naive to think this will happen any day soon.  We are happy though that some People are trickling through, and perhaps showing others what is possible. 


Sure what more can we ask?  We don't have high or low expectations in this area, as we know that when People are ready, they are ready, and they won't need us or anyone else to convince them. 


All we can do in the interim for you the readers and listeners, until some People are ready, is to keep on putting out the information and knowledge we have critically gained over the years, via the mailshots, articles, The CLS Talks, the Schools and Tutorials. 


To that end, you can click on the link below, to access the latest of The CLS Talks … this one and the next to follow, are what we have dubbed "Feedback Specials", and cover a whole plethora of subjects and material.  They comprise a relatively up to date, set of questions and feedback we have been receiving of late.


If you wish or want to further expedite your ability to Read, Write and/or Critically Think, in a relatively short space of time, you could do worse than attend the final Tutorial before the summer break. 


There are still a few spaces remaining, but get on board before the page expires, as we cannot facilitate taking People on the day, full up or not, and we do not want to insult anyone by turning them away on the day.


Here is the link to the Tutorials:


Subjects/Material covered in the First of the "Feedback Specials":

·  Revenue/Tax Declarations/Returns.

·      Getting out of "the system".

·      When to use a Gary Doyle Order.

·  Solicitors don't seek Full Disclosure.

·      A Post case analysis.

·      Finding work for funding.

·      Anarchy in the UK … the Brexit.

·      How to tell IW to go the f away.

·      Removing data and information.

·      Lionels Bu115h1t Radar,,, more …


Here is the link to the first of the "Feedback Specials":


See yall at the next Tutorial.


All the best,

The CLS.



Final Tutorials:


Feedback Specials:










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