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will people stop paying income tax


The CLS Talks

Feedback Special 3 ...

The CLS Talks/Feedback Special 3


Will People Ever Stop Paying Income Tax?  ... and more questions from The CLS Talks ... feedbacks

Feedback Special 3 ... from The CLS


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Most People that have attended Schools and Tutorials, have expressed an overwhelming interest in the process of what happens in a Court, how to handle what goes on, and how to put together a Cross-Examination. 


By attending the or any Court as "an observer", you will get good a handle on what People do NOT do, and how badly any purported witnesses for the prosecution/accusers are Cross-Examined by the Accused/Defendants or their purported Solicitors.


Whilst critically Cross-Examining a witness, is on the face of it a very difficult thing to do, it is only a matter of repeating a simple process, observing a few guidelines, and learning how to avoid any curve-balls that a Judge, Barrister, Solicitor or Prosecutor may throw at you. 


When you get into the nuts and bolts of it, you can learn how to tear any witness apart, piece by piece, and that includes members of An Garda Siochana, who/m from our feedback and experience, know little or nothing about the law anyhow.  In fact, to date, we have not ever come across any witness that knows the law sufficiently well (or at all), and/or cannot be legally decimated in Court.


There are only three simple steps … 1.  Framing your questions.  2. Getting the answers you want, and 3. Bringing the Court to the desired conclusion or outcome.  You start leaning this process in reverse Order.  In other words; knowing or establishing your desired conclusion or outcome.           


The next planned set of Tutorials will be a Court Room Scenario, whereby a Cross-Examination will be created and built from the ground up by the attendees. We will have one or possibly two case studies to look at, one being a "Minor Criminal Case" and/or a "Civil Matter".


The Tutorial group will agree, who will act as the Creditor, Accuser or Plaintiff, and who/m the Debtor, Accused or Defendant will be represented by.  There will be an acting Judge, Prosecutor, Solicitor and/or Barrister present.


The Debtor, Accused or Defendant will be guided by the Tutorial group, and the facilitators on what to seek, and on how to put together the Cross Examination questions amongst other things.


A full on Cross-Examination will take place … with all the usual shenanigans of the Legal Professions and Judiciary thrown in for good measure.


The aim will be, to give People a clear idea on how to put together an effective Cross-Examination and how to execute same, whilst dealing with any potential pit falls that may be put in the way.  For example, if the Judge threatens you with Contempt of Court, how do you handle this?


These Tutorials will be based upon REAL CASES, after which, the class will be updated on the progress the REAL CASE(S) have made, albeit they may have ended, or they may still be in motion.


Carrying out a Cross-Examination is perhaps one of the toughest things to do in a Court, yet it requires you to know but a few basic principles. Cross-Examinations in most cases can be pre-prepared, and pre-scripted. 


In preparing and pre-scripting a great or killer Cross-Examination, you will know precisely what you are going to ask the witness, and will be fully prepared for the answers they give.  In other words, you will know what they will answer, and only then you can bring them to the point that you are making, albeit you are discrediting them as a witness, or they are working in your favour.


When you get, the process or method of Cross-Examination finely tuned, and working, there are very few if any witnesses, whose testimonies cannot be destroyed, undone or can be made to work against your accuser. 


Most witnesses are ignorant of the LAW, or are just simply mindlessly stating stuff that they have parroted many times before. It works for them, because they have seldom if ever been CRITICALLY Cross-Examined before.


The two biggest challenges in carrying out a robust Cross-Examination are a) Your preparation and pre-scripting, and b) the Judge.   In most cases the Solicitor or the Barrister for the prosecution will not be expecting, and will be ill-prepared for "their witness(es)" to be Cross-Examined in critical fashion. 


It will be a shock to them when this process begins, so they seldom say much in objection or in defense of their witness(es). 


The biggest objector to your Cross-Examination will be the Judge.  In most cases they will see what is happening fairly early on, and will do as much as possible to trip you up, especially if you are making good ground.  This issue will be covered and tackled at the Tutorials.


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