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court order to shut up

"People afraid to speak, will eventually stop thinking"



  Charity Begins at home.
  Court Order .. to Shut Up 
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We don't often comment on stuff in the "PopMedia", but we couldn't resist this.




Imagine … after all these years, in the wake of "State" and "Church" corruption and depravity being exposed, People are still paying taxes, and donations that are going to State and Church funded Charities. 


It boggles the mind.  At the heads of most if not all State Registered Charities, are extremely well paid CEO's and Directors.  Many of these CEO's/Directors, are not just on the board of one Charity, but sit on the board of many, and have done so for many years.


In my view; any and every Man or Woman that hands over their hard gotten wages or salary to a State Registered Charity has no cause to complain, when corruption and depravity hit the headlines … well at least not now, in light of the most recent debacle with Console.


The Solution to this, is in the old saying; "Charity begins at home".  Perhaps if you feel you have enough in your life, family and/or home, you could think about extending your charity to your Neighbor, Family, Friends and/or Community, instead of blindly funding a State Registered Charity?


WHAT THE FU*K?  ... We hear People say … 'what would People who have nothing, or no support do, if State Registered Charities didn't have funding?' 


Therein lies the problem:  The People that have REAL need or want of charity or support are the People in your family, your friends, your neighbors and your community.  They are not off on some remote Island away from this Island. They are all around you, and by giving to a State Registered Charity, all you are doing, is filling the coffers of their grossly overpaid CEO's and Directors, and leaving YOUR OWN without.


Not forgetting … "the State" through the HSE provide support, grants, assistance etc. through FREE TAX PAYERS MONEY (taken from YOU as a TAX PAYER), to most State Registered Charities.  So by donating any part of YOUR wage or salary, you are feeding these monsters twice, in the same breath.  How much can People take, before they cop on?


We ask our readers, and listeners to share this email, and let others know about "The CLS Talks".  The People of this Island, in my/our view need to start Critically thinking about the material we have been putting out over the past few years, and sharing their thoughts, views and opinions about this stuff.  We know that many do not like what we have to share or say, but that is not an excuse for not listening, thinking, debating and discussing.


For People reading our articles and/or listening to "The CLS Talks" for the first time, it is not always the most Politically Correct (PC) of stuff, but that is just the point.  It is not possible to be PC, and then expect to be able to express yourself in a cathartic fashion, or in a way that you feel you will be understood by many.  The People of this Island have a long-standing tradition of verbal, literary, poetic and musical expression, and those that would tell you that "you are not PC", would and do aim to shut you up, and keep you in your box.


ONLY LAST WEEK, we seen a copy of a High Court Order, that read as follows, "the Defendant DO DESIST FROM CORRESPONDING in writing … with any Judge dealing with proceedings bearing the High Court number herein."  


If this does not SHOCK you, what will? 


An Order from/via the PUBLIC High Court … telling a Defendant that s/he is to KEEP THEIR MOUTH SHUT

And most People think or "believe" that they are not living under a Communist Regime, run by a Fascist Dictator?  …

And most People think, believe in or espouse the idea(l) of "Freedom of Speech"


What is one to do, when "The Chickens Come Home to Roost"?   When so called benevolent Judges of "the State", issue AN ORDER for a Man or Woman to be silenced, because they asked one to many questions? 


Should Men or Women be IMPRISONED when or if they Act in Contempt of such an ORDER


Can or could such a thing happen on this Island of "Saints and Scholars"?


Food for though and debate … share if you care.



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