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Update for 08-22-2016 

Government = Evil (No Joke)
Source: Larken Rose
--I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but thugs and sociopaths don't care about being good. They're not trying to be nice to their fellow man. As a result, they don't feel any moral obligation to "obey the law." It is only people who are trying to be good who make an effort to respect and obey authority, and that's only because they've been misled into thinking that subservience to "government" makes them a good person. 

And that brings us to the most dangerous, destructive aspect of statism. It doesn't take long for crooks and psychopaths to figure out that, if decent people think it's virtuous to submit to political "authority," then all the crooks and psychopaths have to do is BECOME that political "authority," and they are set for life. Acquire a position of political power, call your thievery "taxation," call your thuggery "law," call disobedience to you "crime," and your victims will feel morally obligated to be victimized. They will take pride in being robbed and abused, and will even help you (the evil bastard) to enslave and oppress others, condemning any who resist tyranny as criminals, rebels and terrorists. 

That is the true evil of the belief in "authority," and it can be seen throughout most of human history.
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Are Airlines Spraying Their Passengers with Pesticides? (with Video)
Source: Natural News
--I think airline passengers should be outraged to know that poisonous chemicals are now being sprayed on planes regularly – DURING the flight, while travelers are inside the plane, This is true – the United States government is actually pushing this agenda of poisoning passengers. 

You can't make this stuff up: Check out this disturbing video – does this look right to you?
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COMMENT: " are advised to check with their travel agent or airline reservations agent when booking flights or if they have questions about their final destination's policy. Listed below are representatives of airlines who are knowledgeable on disinsection requirements."


Even The Wall Street Journal Thinks The Market Is Broken
Source: Zero Hedge
--As we've discussed on several occasions, low interest rates have created a number of distorted incentive structures that render typical market signals useless. Perpetually declining interest rates have forced pensions to indiscriminately buy the long end of the the government bond curve in a desperate attempt to match asset duration with their liabilities (see our post "Pension Duration Dilemma - Why Pension Funds Are Driving The Biggest Bond Bubble In History"). Meanwhile equity markets continue to soar to all-time highs, despite lackluster or declining earnings (see "The S&P Is Now Set To Report Its Second Consecutive Annual Earnings Drop Since The Financial Crisis"), on the premise that low-single-digit earnings yields are somehow adequate compensation for equity assumption they base on the low yields of the completely manipulated long-end of the curve. The circularity of the many arguments is truly mind numbing.
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"We've frequently discussed the many problems faced by pension funds. Public and private pension funds around the globe are massively underfunded yet they continue to pay out current claims in full despite insufficient funding to cover future liabilities...also referred to as a ponzi scheme. In fact, we recently noted that the Central States Pension Fund pays out $3.46 in pension funds for every $1 it receives from employers (see our post entitled "407,000 Workers Stunned As Pension Fund Proposes 60% Cuts, Treasury Says "Not Enough"")." 


George Galloway explains the truth behind ISIS and the conspiracy (8-minute Video)
Source: YouTube
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"Covert US Regime Change Actions" Removed from Wikipedia Page
Source: Joe Plummer
Apparently, somebody at Wikipedia felt the article was "too anti-American" and wasn't needed because readers could find similar information elsewhere. So, they basically destroyed it; deleting dozens of documented US interventions and over 150 references.That's OK. I had a backup copy.
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