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how to fill in the census form

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Hi Folks,


This will be our last mailshot before the coming weekend, to get this to everyone on the Island ... The CLS Talks ... on "how to fill in the Census form (Ireland 2016)".  


So please do have a listen, read the articles linked below, and share with ALL your contacts and friends, and continue to post on all social media platforms you/ye have access to.


The link on the Census Talk is as follows:


We have not quite gained pole position in the Youtube rankings for the terms "Census"; "Census 2016"; "Census 2016 Ireland" YET!, but with a further and final push from you our listeners and readers it should. We are nearly there ...


In this way; People seeking more information on the "Census", will have access to other choices, views and/or opinions, and can decide for themselves if they should or should not fill out and/or return a "Census Form", despite the propoganda being spun by the CSO and "the State", and for that matter ALL of the Populist Media.


FINALLY:  We have taken note and cognisance of all the support that this specific talk on "The CLS Talks", has recieved through Social Media ... We have been informed that FB have started to take down/ban the links/talks. So it may be a good idea to download/copy the talk, just in case this happens on your FB page, and/or also share it through the LINK (above) with People?


Equally, if you feel that it is appropriate, you have our permission to share the talk with anyone within, and/or associated with "the State", and/or all/any "Semi-State Bodies" etc.   We are not hiding anything ... and all/any feedback is treated as friendly.


Thanks once again, one and all for supporting and sharing this work in the effort to inform ALL the People of this Island and beyond.


All the best,

The CLS ...





Getting the desired result(s) ... the easy way!

You have probably (by now) read The CLS Articles on Critical Thinking and How to Recuse Judges, and if you have not, please do so; here they are again:


Critical Thinking:


How to Recuse Judges:


To get to the point where you have the ability, facility and/or skill required to pen a Critical letter to a Court, a Judge, a Barrister, a Solicitor, an Administrator, a Bank, Financial Institute, Revenue, Sheriff, Debt Collector, County Council and a whole host of other State and semi-state bodies etc., to get the desired result(s), which is for them, to F**k Off and leave you alone, you have a certain amount of work to do.


There is no point shying away from this work. 

If you do not put the work in, you will not get the results you desire. SIMPLE!    


Both articles listed above are interlinked and interconnected.  Without the ability to Read, Write and Think Critically, most People will incriminate themselves, get drawn into arguments needlessly, and/or eventually give evidence against themselves, and lose the case.  The ability/skill to Think Critically removes most, if not all uncertainty when you write letters.  You know what you are asking, and you specifically and particularly why you are asking it.


You will get the concept/idea of EXACTLY what Critical Thinking is, inside of five (5) minutes.


You always need your wits about you, when looking at legal matters.  It is not beyond anyone AT ALL to THINK CRITICALLY.  It is not beyond anyone to WIN a case against them.  It is not beyond anyone to write a Critically though out letter.


We would like for our readers and/or listeners to submit (send us) a pdf of a relatively recent letter/paperwork (one to three pages max), they may have received from any of the above listed incumbents.  We may use it in our next "Critical Thinking Tutorials", for a Class analysis, or not.  Of course we will redact/remove any private details from the document.  If you are attending the Tutorials, you will have First-Hand knowledge of the Class analysis, and if not, we will send you the feedback afterwards (if we use your particular document).


As before, the concept/idea of what EXACTLY Critical Thinking is, we can show you inside of five (5) minutes, the rest of the time and the following Three Tutorials will be about practicing your new skill.

If you are serious about learning this new skill, and fine tuning it over three tutorial weeks, book yourself a place at the next Critical Thinking Tutorials, here: 



How to fill in the CENSUS FORM

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