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Welcome to Night of THE LIVING DEAD

... Sunday 24th. April 2016.  


We have put quite an amount of work into this and the associated "The CLS Talk", because we would like all who read and listen to share the article and links with all your good friends out there, on this Island and beyond.   Read, listen, enjoy and sahre ... The CLS.


Non Cens Us


The census this year (2016) is on the actual anniversary of the 1916 Easter Rising. That's 24 April (which is a Sunday):  As an ACT of patriotism, do you think that any of "the murdered rebels" of 1916, ever filled in a Census form?


  … Or perhaps (one would think), they looked on a Census as just another form of invasion and oppression by "the Crown".  So what is the difference between 1916 and 2016?  Why do "the State" want and/or need such a detailed STOCK TAKE or account of People? 


Its is a strange irony, that in the past few days and weeks, that so many Political Pigs and Political Oligarchs and Aristocracy have been found through the exposé of the "Panama Papers", to be HIDING Wealth through various "legal structures", but yet, they expect Common People to divulge ALL of their Private information via a Census. 


Apparently over 300+ "Irish Companies" have been found involved in these "legal structures".   Is it any wonder that 75%+ of the wealth is "legally owned" by less than 20% of People on this Island?  … Yet, most People on this Island, will still capitulate to giving their MOST INTIMATE details on a Census form, and then willingly hand it over to a "the State", who are entrenched in INSTITUTIONAL FRAUD, CORRUPTION and CLANDESTINE CRIMINALITY, despite the façade of legality.


In this writers view … filling in a Census form and submitting it to "the State", is a CRIMINAL ACT in and of itself.  If you do such a thing after reading this article in particular, you are condoning CRIMINALITY, and condoning and agreeing with "the State", in terms of all/any CHARGES and/or TAXES that WILL follow.  After that, in my view, you have NO CAUSE to complain in any context whatsoever about what WILL follow, as "the State" proceed with further ways, means and methods of driving you, your family, your community etc. into poverty, degradation, homelessness and/or forced migration/emigration.  


In light of the recent events, such as "the States" hijacking of the rising celebrations, we thought it appropriate to put a bit of a dampener on their revelries.  Some if not most of you, will by now, be in receipt of the 2016 "Census of Population of Ireland" tome.  This document contains no less than twenty-four (24) pages.  It will need to be returned to the: Central Statistics Office, PO Box 2016, Freepost 4726, Swords, Co. Dublin.


If you "return" it via the Post, you can tell the Enumerator that may call to your home (to collect the form), that the householder has already sent it to the CSO via the post already (as far as you know).  Of course, when we say "return", we mean "return" in the loosest sense.  We obviously would NOT EVER tell anyone to "not return" the said offending document. Because if you were ever to admit that you did willfully "not return" the Census form, you would be giving evidence against yourself, wherein you "may be subject to a fine of up to 44,440" … equally if you were to fail, refuse or provide false information etc. you may be subjected to the same fine.


IF, and that's a BIG IF, you do "return" the said Census Form, which is your choice entirely; when the Census Enumerator comes a calling, you could always tell him/her, as far as you know, the householder has already sent it to the CSO via the post already.  If the Enumerator goes beyond that, and asks you anything else, you could say, you don't know anything else about it.


The document itself makes specific reference to the term/word "PERSON", as in "ALL PERSONS MUST BE ENUMERATED WHERE THEY SPEND CENSUS NIGHT".  So if you do wish to be a NUMBER or ENUMERATED and identified as a LEGAL FICTION (PERSON); give "the State", the information they want by filling in the Census, and handing it over to their collector (the Enumerator).  That way you will have done your "civic duty" as a good little "civilian-slave" … and whatever follows in its wake, you cannot complain about.


What is the Census for?

Whilst the Census form looks relatively innocuous at first, you may wish to give it closer critical examination. Perhaps consider it in the context of, what additional TAXES, CHARGES, FEES, LEVVYS Etc., could be worked out off the back of the information contained and derived from it.  Not forgetting that, having the statistics of how many People are working, earning, employed, self-employed etc., and what wealth, property, business, lands, resources etc. they may have access to, is very useful information on which to base a system of CHARGES, TAXATION and/or SECURITISATION, not to mention how useful this information may be to the EU, the IMF, the Central Bank of Europe et al., in deciding and dictating to "the State" and whatever "Puppet Government" are in place, how best and where to target the bringing in of more Revenue, off the backs of the People of this Island.


You will note, that throughout the "Census Document", it makes NO reference to People (Bar One on the front page), or to a, the, or your HOME, but consistently uses the terms "Household" and/or "Accommodation". Well most People live in a HOME, and thus a/your HOME by LAW is inviolable and sacrosanct, but a "Household" and/or "Accommodation" is treated as something that is temporary, and not a place you LIVE, but occupy as a tenant, and in this case, under the "Land and Conveyancing Law Reform ACT 2009", you occupy the "Household/Accommodation" as a Feudal Tenant (look this up), because "the State" by the said ACT Legally Owns Everything ….  Ref: The CLS Talks:


If you are tempted to fill in the said Census, and sign it as a "Declaration", keep this in mind:  You are and will be DECLARING that YOUR HOME is not YOUR HOME, but something that you occupy temporarily as a/n "Household/Accommodation", and as a "Feudal Tenant", … so on your head be it.


Question(Q) H1: What type of accommodation does your household occupy?

"The State/Puppet Government" and their cohorts in crime, will argue that "because of the housing stock shortfall, and the need to deal/assess this issue, to find workable solutions blah, blah, blah", they need to know if you occupy a House, Bungalow, Flat, Apartment, Bed-sit, Mobile or Temporary Structure.  What a load of B0110k5!  There is NOT a lack/want of housing. 


There are estates all over this Island, in ALL villages, town lands, towns and cities that are unoccupied, and/or in the charge of NAMA and County/Town/City Councils that are lying idle, unused and derelict, and have done so for a long-long time.  A great many of which have been "re-possessed" (STOLEN) by Financial Institutions and Banks, and are being kept, or have already been sold off for massive profits to their Vulture Fund friends etc., whilst having no hesitation in making a great many People and Families destitute and homeless.  

They, "the State" want this information, to be able to assess the next Household/Property Tax Charge onslaught or its next equivalent, and this is borne out by the next few questions that are asked.


Q H2: When was your house, flat or apartment first built?

This information if submitted will facilitate the assessment of your HOMES VALUE, and thus facilitate the calculation of the Property Tax/Household Charge, and/or any other concocted tax or charge that "the State" may wish to levy or bring in, in the future.


QH3: Does your household own or rent your accommodation?

This is where they (the State), can get the information to separate out People into different financial strata's, i.e. Occupiers with or without mortgages, the Renters, the Freeloaders, the Landlords, those on Housing Benefits and Voluntary/Co-operative housing bodies.  This for lack or want of a better description is a form of "Social Stratification" i.e. DISCRIMINATION.


QH4: If your accommodation is rented, how much rent does your household pay?

FFS … How much more blatant can they be with this question?  They are asking People for PERSONAL and VERY PRIVATE information.  Whatever about giving any other information contained within the Census, anyone that gives over this information IS AN ABSOLUTE FOOL.  You must at least ask yourself, WHY do they want to know how much rent is paid?  Well for one, "the State" isn't going to come out and say, well Paddy or Mary are paying too much rent, we will have to give them a dig out, or do something positive about it.  This will assist them in bringing policies, acts, statutes and codes that will levy more additional taxes, on those they assess, to PAY EVEN MORE.


QH5: How many rooms do you have for use only by your household?

We have (by now) all heard of the "Bedroom Tax" in the UK.   Well it looks, on the face of this Census form, like that is now on its way here.  They are looking for you to tell them by a process of elimination, how many bedrooms they can now TAX/CHARGE you on.  They have stated "Do NOT count bathrooms, toilets, kitchenettes, utility rooms, consulting rooms, offices, shops, halls or landings, or rooms that can only be used for storage such as cupboards".  But "Do count all other rooms such as kitchens, living rooms, bedrooms, conservatories you can sit in, and studies".  In other words ALL ROOMS, that you could possibly bed down or sleep in i.e. BEDROOMS.


QH6: What is the main type of fuel used by the central heating in your accommodation?

This is perhaps where they are collecting data and information on how best to levy CHARGES/TAX for Carbon use, Fossil Fuels and/or further Environmental fees, charges, taxes etc.  Really; what business is it of anyone's, what you burn/use to keep your HOME warm and/or comfortable?  My personal preference is to collect as much in the way of State generated paper and cardboard printed propaganda/material and burn that for heat, including their "Census Form".  It would probably last a very-very long time, provide plenty of heat for the winter, and save a tonne on landfill.  That in my view, is all this material waste is good for.


Perhaps this is a good idea for a form of "in your face celebration" to "the State"?

Local communities and People might gather together on "Census Night – Sunday 24th. April 2016", for a bit of "Ceol, Caint, Craic agus Census Burning"?   Perhaps, if the Celebrations caught on, someone might create a FB Page, and People could video their PRIVATE CELEBRATIONS, and post them on the page?  Just an idea!!!  But it would be fun, to see how RTE or TV3 would deal with coverage of such a 1916-2016 Rising Celebration, after all, isn't that the kind of thing Ghandi was at in South Africa, when he asked Indian Migrant workers to publically burn the "state identifications" they were forced to carry around with them at all times?  Sure if it was good enough for him, then …


QH7: What type of piped water supply does your accommodation have (or not)?

Now well, if that doesn't bate the band, as they say.  And everyone thought that WATER TAX/CHARGES were just going to evaporate (pun intended).  This is a foray into establishing, how they can codify the existing WATER TAX/CHARGES, it also alludes to others that may not be connected to a mains supply, but may be part of a PRIVATE water scheme, or may have their own PRIVATE well or water supply.  Water in the NEW GOLD or OIL, as far as natural resources are concerned, and "the State", are going to CONTROL EVERY ASPECT of that resource.  Next they WILL be CHARGING/TAXING you for the amount of rain that falls on your HOME (as they already do in other countries), or as they like to miscall it "Household".  Water, as they say, is LIFE.  If they "the State" gain FULL CONTROL of water, they will control EVERY ASPECT of life on this Island.


QH8: What type of sewerage facility does your accommodation have?

What a load of 5h1t3 … Not only are they trying to CHARGE/TAX on whatever goes in, now they will try to CHARGE/TAX whatever goes out.  A few years back, People were asked to register if they had a Septic Tank or not, and to give details etc. as to how long it was there (its age) and so on.  In some cases, there was even a BRIBE/GRANT/CASHBACK, or something like that available it you registered early.  If memory serves me right, the much maligned Phil (Pillage) Hogan (Now a European MP?), was the Political Pig that drove this 5h1t3 Act and Tax home, so to speak.  He caused such a 5h1t3 storm in his constituency (Kilkenny), that even his own neighbors were protesting and picketing outside his household, or was it his HOME in Kilkenny.  Much like many a Priest of relatively recent years, he was moved on, to a place where he could perceivably do less damage.  


The aim was to bring in a Sewage CHARGE/TAX, and to con and force People into getting/buying and installing NEW BIO-SEPTIC TANKS.  Their arguments being that a lot of Septic tanks could possibly be faulty, and could be leaking raw sewage into the water table, rivers and lakes.  Not sure how they would ever go about proving such a thing, unless they dug up the alleged offending Septic tank, drained it out and carried out extensive testing, under controlled scientific conditions.  Its very strange that they never mentioned the amount of waste and sewage that Farming and Industry pump out EVERY DAY of the week, that makes its way into the water table, and directly into the rivers and lakes.  It is far easier and cheaper to attack People, than to attack Farming and Industry, and in the way County, Town and City Councils mishandle (or don't handle) Sewage and Waste. 


The Septic Tank CHARGE/TAX is to make a big comeback in the coming years, with even more Environmental Charges/Taxes for supposedly handling and/or disposing of Sewage.  Its ironic really, that on some parts of the Island, you CANNOT drink the drinking water, and still a great majority of these People (in those parts), are registered and fully paid up members of the WATER TAX CHARGE club, much akin to Turkeys voting for, and contributing regular donations to a Christmas Club.  Yes we know, this sounds or comes across as unkind to some, but as we said before, if you Register, Agree, Make a Declaration and/or Sign up to any form of Contract, you take with it the Liability and well as the purported advertised Benefit, and you have nothing to complain about.  After all, it is what YOU agreed with.  If you didn't agree with it … you should not have signed the Contract/Declaration, should you?  


QH9: How many cars or vans are owned or are available for use by one or more members of your household?

This question helps "the State" identify how much Revenue should be coming into their coffers every year, from Registrations, Licensing, Taxing, VAT and Testing ad infinitum, compared to what is coming in.  Now they can decide want further measures to take to meet their quotas or targets.  Sometimes it is just a matter of "the State" and/or "Revenue" issuing a dictat to An Garda Siochana, to perform more road blocks and stops, to generate the additional Revenue required, and thus in turn also help generate even further Revenue through fines, penalties, fees and Court appearances etc. It's a win-win situation for all involved.  And again, they can decide what additional legislation they want or need to put in place, to capture event more Revenue for "the State".


QH10: Does your household have a personal computer (PC)?

We thought that the "PC" went out with the "Black and White Telly License".  But obviously "the State" must suspect some People … sorry persons, of still owning a "PC" and/or perhaps even a "Black and White Telly".  Can you still get a "Black and White Telly License"?  You can probably see where this is going.  What's his name … Pet Rabbit has had this on his personal radar for some time now. Instead of a "Telly License", they are planning to bring in a "Broadcasting/Receiving License/Fee".  After all "the State" have to change with the changing times.  This leads us nicely into the next question …


 QH11: Does your household have access to the internet?

They are aware that most Films, Videos, Shows and Media Entertainment is now streamed via the internet, and can be viewed on the new fangled Digital TV's.  … As time has rolled on, more and more People are cottoning on to the fact that it is NOT MANDATORY to have a "TV License", and less and less People are inclined to pay.  So "the State" have to change tact, and will bring in a new form of TAX, CHARGE, FEE or LICENSE.  Pet Rabbit did say/suggest some time ago that the NEW BROADCASTING FEE may or might be incorporated into and on to something like an Electricity Bill, and/or if People didn't pay early or on time, "the State" may seek Garnishee Orders to deduct it from their "Incomes", and/or through their "Employers".  So you see, having a list of all those with a "PC" and/or access to the Internet, would be a handy way of calculating and enforcing such a TAX.   



We know this might seem quite an anomalous thing to discuss, but bear with us for a moment. One of the statements contained on the "next page" is as follows: PRESENT PERSONS – INCLUDE in List 1 …  "All persons alive at midnight on Sunday 24 April who spent the night at this address".   If the term/word "PERSON(S)"  is defined by LAW as: "A Legal Fiction", then how could or can a "Legal Fiction" i.e. a Person be ALIVE?  Are not ALL PERSONS by their legal definition NOT ALIVE?  Do "the State" want or wish to trick you into giving FALSE EVIDENCE, by making FALSE STATEMENTS?




FURTHER; it goes on to state: "Persons who stayed temporarily in the household (i.e. visitors)", and "Persons who arrived the following morning not having been enumerated elsewhere".  


Well, that is definitely worth watching out for, on the night of the 24 April   …   THE LIVING DEAD just visiting, and THE LIVING DEAD arriving on the following morning. 


Will THE LIVING DEAD be able to tell us that they are just staying temporarily, passing through so to speak (pun intended)? and will THE LIVING DEAD be able to tell us that they have not been enumerated elsewhere?  What if THE LIVING DEAD won't speak to us, or give us any information, or don't recognise us, or we don't recognise them?


Do THE LIVING DEAD have no special households or accommodation to go to?  Do THE LIVING DEAD know when their households or accommodation were built?  Do THE LIVING DEAD have mortgages, rent, lease, have council housing or live entirely rent and mortgage free (effing spungers)? 


If THE LIVING DEAD do rent, how much rent do they pay, and whom do they pay it to? Do THE LIVING DEAD have special LIVING DEAD LANDLORDS?  How may rooms do THE LIVING DEAD need, use or sleep in. Do they sleep?  Do they sleep standing up, or do THE LIVING DEAD need to lie down? 


Do THE LIVING DEAD need central heating, or heat of any kind, or are they ok using "other" as indicated on the Census form?  You would hardly think THE LIVING DEAD would have much use for a "piped water supply", and surely their sanitation needs would be quite minimal if any at all? 


Do THE LIVING DEAD know how to drive cars and vans, is that how they all get about nowadays?  Do THE LIVING DEAD use the internet, have PC's, Laptops and Mobile Phones?  If they do, can they not just F*ck Off and fill in their own Census forms online … and leave the LIVING PEOPLE ALONE?   …  This will make for a very interesting night and following morning indeed.


We could go on some more about the rest of the twenty-one very odd pages of INTIMATE PERSONAL/PRIVATE questions, most of which you would not share with many others, but this article would probably just descend into a barrage of abuse, and we have remained relatively tame up to this point, all things being equal. We are also getting quite fed up looking at the rubbish contained therein, but we may just cover more on The CLS Talks ...


The rest we leave up to you to review and digest, and to decide which way you want to handle the NON-Census form, to decide for yourselves if you wish to become one of  ... THE LIVING DEAD!!!



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