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JoePlummer.com News 04-18-2016

Trying to "wake people up" using Tragedy and Hope 101? Handing out books is expensive, handing out these bookmarks is not! 

-->11 people ordered a total of 600 bookmarks last week. Multiply that by 52 weeks and you can imagine the potential impact in one year.

StopTheLie.com News update 04-18-2016

The Spanish-American War with James Perloff (Video)
Source: CorbettReport.com
Today we talk to James Perloff of JamesPerloff.com about his article on the war, "Trial Run for Interventionism," and how the bankers used their media and political connections to launch the war and introduce foreign interventionism to the American psyche.
Watch video at: https://www.corbettreport.com/?p=17810

COMMENT: This is the template that psychopaths use to overcome our natural aversion to war. ...Excellent case study. 


The Desperate Attack on Gun Rights Continues
Source: DownsizeDC.org
--Due to a tax dispute, with the IRS, he was convicted of a nonviolent felony. He served time and was fined. He previously had a carry license. But he lost his rights to possess a firearm. He cannot even hunt or skeet shoot, both activities he previously enjoyed.

Worse others, who lived with him, lost their right to have an accessible firearm in his house -- despite being innocent of any "crime."

Do you get that? The "law" is being used like a bowling ball, and this healer, who has hurt no one, is the lead pin. But the patient and plodding Gun Prohibitionists get a Strike! by making his infraction bowl over the rights of everyone in his household.

The statists keep criminalizing, well, anything. With each Strike!, more Americans lose their gun rights for nonviolent offenses -- perhaps even if they committed no crime.

Now, we can make a difference in this matter, in a place where our attorneys have won before. There's a case in the U.S. Court of Appeals for the Fourth Circuit. It's called Hamilton v. Pallozzi. Here are the details…
Read full article at: https://downsizedc.org/blog/how-to-destroy-gun-ownership-in-america


De Niro Debates Autism's Link To Vaccines On TODAY Show (Video)
Source: OpenSourceTruth.com
De Niro, who has an autistic child, comments on the decision to pull the anti-vaccination film "Vaxxed" from this year's lineup, even though he says, "I think the movie is something that people should see," and he questions statistics on vaccine-preventable diseases. De Niro does a fantastic job here & seems genuine & very passionate about the film & the public's right to see it.
Watch video at: http://www.opensourcetruth.com/2016/04/14/must-see-robert-de-niro-debates-autisms-link-to-vaccines-on-today-show/


Corbett Report: Tragedy and Hope 101 (Video - 30 minutes)
Source: StopTheLie.com
Clocking in at 1300 pages of small print text, Carroll Quigley's seminal work, Tragedy and Hope, is an intimidating and weighty tome. Today we talk to Joe Plummer of JoePlummer.com about his guide to Quigley's massive book. Available as a free e-book or as a paperback or kindle purchase and dubbed Tragedy and Hope 101, Plummer's guide condenses, summarizes, explains and footnotes the highlights and lowlights of the text so you can understand the nature of the conspiratorial network that Quigley exposed and why this information is so important.
Watch video at: http://stopthelie.com/interviews.html

COMMENT: James did a great job with this interview. We covered some topics that don't usually come up when discussing Tragedy and Hope 101.

I've gone ahead and created an "interviews" page (linked above). At the time of this posting, the Corbett Report interview is at the top of the page. 


Think You're Old at 50? This Guy Has Got You Beat by 46 Years!
Source: Vice.com
The London-born ex-dentist, who now lives in Switzerland, is arguably the fittest senior citizen on the planet. He's also a body-builder, a public speaker, a writer, a rower, a wakeboarder, an entrepreneur, and a budding fashion designer, planning his own line in elderly couture. But more than anything, he is a professional death defier who hasn't just slowed the ravages of aging, but reversed them all together: where once white pubic hairs grew, he says, brown ones now flourish.
Read full article at: http://www.vice.com/read/charles-eugster-fittest-oap-on-planet


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Previous Week's News 04-11-2016

Dumb and Dumber – From Negative Interest Rates to Helicopter Money
Source: Mises.org
We've all run into someone who thinks that all it take to bring about prosperity is to give everyone a million dollars. If everyone is a millionaire, we'll all be rich and be able to afford anything we want, or so the thinking goes. Any sound economist knows that wouldn't be the case, however. If everyone were given a million dollars the increased amount of money chasing the existing stock of goods would merely result in a massive rise in prices. No one would be better off, at least not once prices were once again equilibrated. The concept of giving everyone a million dollars is so absurd that no one takes it seriously. That is, they don't take it seriously when a million dollars is the proposed amount. When the amount is smaller, all of a sudden it becomes a viable and increasingly-discussed policy proposal: helicopter money.
Read full article at: https://mises.org/blog/dumb-and-dumber-%E2%80%93-negative-interest-rates-helicopter-money


Obama Administration Releases Fast And Furious Documents
Source: ZeroHedge.com
After four long years of ensuring the detail behind the US Government's role in running guns to Mexico (aka "Fast and Furious") never saw the light of day, the "most transparent administration in history" has finally released the requested documents to the House Oversight Committee. It is not lost on anyone that this is taking place well after it could do any significant damage to the Obama administration.

The release of the documents was ordered by a US District Court Judge Amy Berman Jackson on January 19th, ending a long saga that actually saw the House vote then Attorney General Eric Holder in contempt of congress for withholding requested information. Of course the DOJ decided not to prosecute itself on that matter.
Read full article at: http://www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-04-09/obama-administration-doesn%E2%80%99t-care-anymore-releases-fast-and-furious-documents


JOHN McAFEE: A time bomb is hidden beneath the Panama Papers
Source: BusinessInsider.com
--The release contained 11.5 million documents chronicling the formation and actions of 214,000 offshore companies along with the names and manipulations of more than 14,000 clients. Among the clients are:

*12 heads of state
*More than 150 politicians
*29 billionaires on the Forbes list
*Multiple financiers of terrorism
*Nuclear-weapons proliferators
*Prominent sports and entertainment figures
*Numerous CIA-linked companies

Implicated as well are dozens of major banks that worked with Mossack Fonseca in establishing these offshore entities. Among them are the banking giants Credit Suisse, UBS, Landesbank, and Rothschild.
Read full article at: http://www.businessinsider.com/john-mcafee-panama-papers-evidence-we-need-better-cybersecurity-2016-4

COMMENT: ...waiting patiently for some damaging info on prominent Western elites and institutions.


Tony Robbins on Morning Routines, Peak Performance, and Mastering Money (Audio)
Source: Tim Ferriss
My visit coincided with his first new book in 20 years: Money–Master the Game.

I love Tony's work and it helped me start my first company, but when I got an early draft of the book, I thought to myself–really? Another book on money? Ugh. I prepared to be bored, especially since I think of myself as an experienced investor [pats self on back]. Instead, and very surprisingly, I was blown away. Before I knew it, I was pushing off other work, letting my dinner get cold, and staying up hours past bedtime each night, all because I couldn't stop reading.
Listen to audio at: http://fourhourworkweek.com/2014/10/15/money-master-the-game/

COMMENT: I really enjoyed this 2-hour interview and I look forward to reading the book. 

Whether you're a Tony Robbins fan or not, it's pretty hard to deny that he's an exceptional human being with a lot of very interesting / useful information to share. 

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